Belle Redux / A Tale of Beauty & the Beast

About the Production

Belle Redux / A Tale of Beauty & the Beast is a contemporary ballet that reexamines the timeless story of Beauty & the Beast in a very non-traditional way.  Ballet Austin Artistic Director / Choreographer Stephen Mills, Composer Graham Reynolds and Production Designer Michael B. Raiford have created a dark, sleek and sexy retelling of this famous romance with sets and costumes that project fantastical, Alexander McQueen-type elements against a gritty, minimalistic backdrop. The look and feel of the production, while very contemporary, was heavily influenced by the 1946 film noir, La Belle et la Bête, by French filmmaker Jean Cocteau, and many stylistic elements, including the lighting design, are reflective of that ground-breaking movie.

Stephen Mills’ innovative and intricate choreography for an ensemble of 20-plus dancers is deeply honest and moving, with characters constantly evaluating their own powers of perception, empathy and acceptance while examining the real beauty and beast within. Graham Reynolds' haunting music blends classical instruments with industrial sounds to create a remarkable score that is both unsettling and soothing—commanding and hopelessly romantic.

Belle Redux / A Tale of Beauty and the Beast debuted in February 2015 to sell-out audiences.  It is a one-of-a-kind dance work that will surprise, intrigue and deeply engage audiences of all kinds.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Stephen Mills  |  MUSIC: Graham Reynolds

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