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Fundraise for Ballet Austin

Your colleagues, class, or special occasion could help keep Ballet Austin moving through one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history.

Step 1:

Create your fundraising page.

Click below to Start a Fundraiser and follow the instructions. You will be asked to create an account and set up your page. Write your brief Ballet Austin story and upload a photo of yourself. Set a goal — then publish your page.

Step 2:

Spread the word.

You’ve set your goal — so let’s reach it. Post on social media or send friends and family a quick email to let them know about your fundraiser. Share how Ballet Austin connects to your passion, because chances are they will feel connected too and feel inspired to contribute.

Step 3:

Thank your donors.

The best way to show your appreciation is to tell your donors how their gift has made an impact. Find stories about our work on our website and on social media and share them with family and friends who contributed. After all, it’s all of you who keep us moving.

That’s it! Ready to get started?

Fundraiser Ideas

There are lots of ways to engage your personal network in your fundraiser.

Here are some fun ideas.

  • School Fundraiser – get a group of your classmates together and make it a team effort
  • Birthday Fundraiser – use your birthday as a reason to ask your friends and family to support your fundraiser
  • Special Occasion Fundraiser – use an anniversary, retirement or other special occasion to ask friends and family to support your fundraiser
  • Book Club Fundraiser – work with the members of your club to raise funds as a group


Email Erin Marie Williams, development & special events manager, at

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