We need you more than ever

As a result of the recent ban on gatherings imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Ballet Austin has canceled all performances, Academy and Young Children’s Division classes, and dance/fitness, and Pilates classes through the Butler Dance Education Center. This effort, while necessary to protect the health of our citizens, puts Ballet Austin in a dangerous predicament, with little to no revenue coming in.

We estimate that Ballet Austin may lose several-hundred thousand dollars this month alone, and should the ban continue through April, or longer, the losses grow to more than $1.5 million.

Though Ballet Austin has a long history of fiscal prudence, nonprofit organizations have few contingency funds for cases of civil emergencies like this one. Our resources, entrusted to us by our community members, are dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission: producing work for our stage, developing artists, and making our performances, educational initiatives, and health and well-being programs financially accessible through philanthropic subsidy.

The outpouring of concern we’re currently receiving for our artists and our organization is tremendously appreciated, and we thank you.

Would you consider making a donation to help sustain our organization during this critical time?

A gift of any size is impactful, and your generosity would be deeply appreciated by our dancers, artists, and staff during this extremely vulnerable period. Ballet Austin is committed to remaining a source of joy, perspective, health & well-being, and empowerment to our audiences and community. We’re asking for you to give in whatever way is possible.