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For those desiring to learn or improve a dance technique, work on their fitness level, or prepare for a competition or audition, private lessons can offer a great option due to the individual attention and focus.

Individual: Private Dance Instruction

Private lessons are a fast and focused way to become proficient in a particular dance style. The one-on-one setting is perfect for those looking to improve a specific dance technique, prepare for a competition or audition, or to prepare for a wedding dance.

Learn or improve a particular style of dance:

  • Receive one-on-one dance instruction in a particular style of dance (ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap)

Get ready for your big day and learn a special dance for your wedding:

  • Available for individuals or couples

Prepare for an upcoming competition or audition:

  • A great way for dance team members and competition dancers to focus on and improve technique
  • Work on Turns & Jumps
  • Learn the ropes for an audition, including dance technique and attitude!
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Individual: Personal Wellness & Fitness Coaching

  • Work with a personal trainer to jump-start your fitness goals or rehab after an injury.
  • Schedule a one-on-one private coaching session to work on your individual health, wellness, and/or fitness goals.
  • One-on-one personal fitness training with certified instructors include:
    • Nutrition or weight loss consultation
    • Flexibility or strength training
    • Balance training for older adults
    • Cognitive fitness training with a Certified Brain Health Trainer
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Pricing and FAQs


Private lesson rates include instructor, staff booking time, studio rental, liability, administrative costs, and are payable directly to Ballet Austin prior to the scheduled lesson. Scheduling a private depends upon studio and instructor availability. Please request information about booking prior to making a private lesson purchase.

Individual Private Lesson: A Single Instructor Teaching One Person

  • One-hour Private Lesson that includes teaching one person dance technique only or coaching in a workout: $140 per Hour 
    • Two-hour private with one person: $250
  • One-hour Private Lesson that includes teaching or cleaning a set piece of choreography (teaching steps of a dance with choreography already set by the student; the instructor is not creating the choreography): $195 per Hour 
  • One-hour Private Lesson that includes teaching a style of dance with an instructor dancing with a client (teaching a couples’ style of dance): $195 per Hour 

Duet Lesson: A Single Instructor Teaching Two People together

  • One-hour Private Duet Lesson that includes teaching 2 people together in a dance technique only (no choreography) or coaching in a workout: $160 total ($80 may be charged to EACH Person)
  • One-hour Private Duet Lesson that includes teaching or cleaning a set piece of choreography for 2 people together. EG: a couple’s wedding dance, father/daughter dance, competition dance, etc.: $225 per Hour

Group Privates: Create-a-Class

Rates are Determined Based on number of people and whether the private session is a Technique Class or whether it involves teaching choreography.

  • One-Hour Private Group Lesson for a One-Time Special Class in a Studio at Ballet Austin (6–17 People): $175 – $300
  • One-Hour Private Group Lesson for a One-Time Special Class in a Studio at Ballet Austin (18–40 People): $350 – $495 depending on group size and type of private
  • Virtual Group Private on Zoom (6-75 People): $150 – $300
  • Two-Hour Private Group Lessons for a One-Time Special Class in a Studio at Ballet Austin (6–40 People): $475 – $700 
  • One-Hour Group Class Booked at an Off-Site Location or Place of Business (Number of People Dependent on Floor/Space): $405 for One-Hour Off-Site Class – we come to you!

Choreography Fees

When the client isn’t learning or practicing dance but requests a piece of original choreography for a specific occasion—an original dance for “first dance” at a wedding or for competition dances and auditions—there may be an added choreographic fee to the private lesson rate. This can range from $100 to $300 in addition to the private rates, dependent on choreography and time spent by the instructor.

Fees are determined based on the requested piece, and how many minutes of choreography is needed. Clients are allowed to video the session but must provide their own camera and videographer.


  • Schedule a one-on-one initial session for $75 an hour.
  • Ongoing consultation and/or accountability sessions are $125 per hour
  • Sessions may be scheduled virtually or at Ballet Austin. (currently during COVID we are only booking virtual sessions)

Scheduling Policies & Procedures

  • Private lessons for individuals and groups should be scheduled through the Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Office. Email your request.
  • Please allow at least 10 to 14 business days to schedule a private lesson.
  • The Butler Center for Dance & Fitness office will schedule and confirm with both client and instructor, as space, and instructor time is available. Rates are set by and payable to Ballet Austin.
  • Payment must be received PRIOR to the private lesson.
    • Private lesson payments are payable to Ballet Austin by check, cash, or credit card. Online payments are available.
    • Private lesson rates include instructor fee, staff booking time, studio rental, liability, administrative costs, and a $25 non-refundable booking fee. Payable directly to Ballet Austin at least 2 days prior to the scheduled lesson.
    • Rates include a $25 booking fee.
    • At least 24 hours’ notice is required when canceling a private lesson.
      • Please Note: Private lesson cancellations will be charged for the lesson if at least 24-hour notice of cancellation is not given.
      • If a lesson is cancelled prior to 24 hours the private lesson payment will be refunded less the $25 booking fee.
  • For new clients, please set up a profile in our system for booking and receiving payment.
  • For Private Group bookings, an initial non-refundable Booking Fee of $25 is required to begin the process of schedule. The $25 will apply to the total payment.
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