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FREE Workplace Wellness and Team Building Presentations & Workshops

Ballet Austin's Butler Center for Dance & Fitness engages, educates, and empowers people of all skill levels, ages, and economic and cultural backgrounds to adopt healthy lifestyles; creating well beings. 

Two of Ballet Austin's core values include 'Encouraging Lifelong Health and Well-being' and 'Enriching our Community". We desire to connect with the Austin community to inspire and encourage people to develop habits for life, and to promote positive and effective culture teams in the family, the workplace, and beyond.

Through participation in local healthy living and fitness events, Ballet Austin's annual Get Fit event, unique workouts designed for older adults and breast cancer survivors, and our free BeWell Talks, we hope to be a resource for individuals, organizations and businesses.

In addition to providing FREE talks, if you are looking for a fun team building activity, or something creative to do with your group or work colleagues, your group or organization can find out more and book a private group class here

Free Healthy Living & Wellness Talks

It is Ballet Austin’s goal to be a part of the effort to bring wellness to the workplace, the home, and beyond. We offer Healthy Living and Team Building Talks at no cost in the Austin community. 

  • Looking for a speaker for a Lunch & Learn or other workplace wellness events?
  • Talks are informative, interactive and motivational, and are available on a variety of topics in the areas of health and wellness, healthy living, and healthy workplace culture. 

We will bring our workshops and presentations to you at no cost!

Hear the facts, laugh a little, get motivated and learn practical steps to change your attitude, your mind, and your life. 

Taught by Vicki Parsons, Director of Ballet Austin's Butler Center for Dance & Fitness, who has over three decades of teaching and speaking, and most importantly, real-life health and well-being experience. She lives what she speaks!

Most requested topics include (Topics may be requested and may be modified for any group):

  • HEALTHY LIVING: A Minute Here, a Minute There. (Taking a hard look at the "Action Gap" to live healthier)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Aging Does Not Mean Growing Old. Holding on to a healthier attitude throughout life.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Exercise. (What exercise, or your lack of, is doing to your brain)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Sugar. (What sugar is doing to your brain and other nutrition tips)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: How to Live With Passion & It's Never Too Late to Start - No Matter Your Age
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Stand Up and Live Longer—Your Chair is Killing You! (AKA Scared Sitless!)
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Igniting the Dreams of the Next Generation. It Starts with You!
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Someone's Watching You—Modeling a Healthy Life to the Next Generation.
  • STRESS! Surviving & Thriving through Stress—Before it kills you
  • STRESS! How to Avoid Holiday Stress - and actually enjoy the holiday season!
  • WORKPLACE/COMMUNITY/FAMILY: The Power of the 3 R's. Respect, Responsibility & Resilience.
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Be Together. Not the Same. (Creating a Culture of Unity & Wellbeing)
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Developing Mental Strength and Resilience in the Workplace
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Tips to Have a Healthy and Well Workday.
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Rules of Engagement — Employee Engagement in the Workplace
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Let’s Play! — Importance of Play for a Healthier Workplace, a Healthier Life.

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