Active & Healthy Aging Classes and Workshops for Adults 50+

Promoting active and healthy living throughout life

The Butler Center for Dance & Fitness and the Pilates Center are currently closed. We hope to reopen on Monday, April 6, and we’ll advise you should this date change. Stay up to date here.

One of Ballet Austin's core values is to encourage lifelong health and well-being. We strive to provide opportunities for adults of all ages to remain active and healthy through every stage of life.

We offer:


Weekly OSTEO-STRONG Workout (a gentle weigh-bearing workout) for bone health at NO COST.

SILVER BALLET is a 45-minute ballet class designed for those ages 50+ or check out our ballet workshops for adults of all ages.

FELDENKRAIS® is offered on Fridays at noon, and is a wonderful 'awareness through movement' class.

OSTEO-LATES is a Pilates group reformer class specifically to promote better bone health. Find out more about Pilates.

Silver Pilates is a Pilates Group Reformer Workout on Mondays at 1:00pm for those with Pilates experience looking for the life-giving power of Pilates throughout life!

*Classes and workshops are held at Ballet Austin, 501 W. 3rd St in downtown Austin. If you need assistance please call 512.501.8704.

Better Balance for Active Aging

Better Balance & Movement Workshop

A 4-week workshop OFFERED AT NO COST 

Don’t let a fall rob you of your independence! Discover the secrets to improving your balance and maintaining your mobility throughout life. 

According to the CDC, every second of every day in the United States an older adult falls, making falls the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. The good news is that many falls can be prevented. 

This workshop will focus on promoting and maintaining balance, coordination, and posture through a series of simple and repetitive brain and muscle exercises. The goal of ongoing balance training is to teach your brain through cognitive training exercises how to quickly activate the right muscles in your body at the right time to help keep you upright.

For the older adult, or those dealing with the affects of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. It can also be helpful for individuals recovering from injury, experiencing declining vision, hearing and muscle strength.

Family members and caregivers are welcome to attend as well.

Held at Ballet Austin, 501 W. 3rd St. Call 512.501.8704 if you have questions.

Instructor: Vicki Parsons, Ballet Austin's Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Director

Dates & Times: Because of the popularity of this workshop, please enroll only if you plan to attend. If you enroll and your plans change, let us know so that someone else may have your spot.

NOTE: Ballet Austin has been closely monitoring COVID-19 and feel that it would not be prudent to continue to offer classes/workshops that are geared towards certain populations that are most at risk during this time. We will resume at a future date.

Cost: NO COST to enroll into the four-week workshop thanks to underwriting by AGING WELL, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund.

If you'd like to make a corporate or individual donation to support this program, please click here.

Weightbearing Workout for Active Aging

Osteo-Strong | Low Impact Bone-Builder Workout

Offered at NO COST and now offered on our weekly drop-in schedule which allows you the flexibility to start any time and come when you can!

Fun music combined with safe weight-bearing exercises makes this an excellent weekly drop-in class. And it's FREE!

A strong skeleton is just as important as a healthy heart. Bones form the frame that keeps our body from collapsing. Osteopenia and osteoporosis can happen as we get older, but we can prevent unnecessary bone loss, and even improve bone health with proper exercise and nutrition.

This class focuses on learning simple and safe weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises you can do at work and home on a daily basis that will maintain bone density and help slow bone density loss.

Held at Ballet Austin, 501 W. 3rd St. in downtown Austin

Instructor: Vicki Parsons, Butler Center for Dance & Fitness & Pilates Center Director

Date & Time: 

  • This is offered on the drop-in class schedule at NO COST. Offered most Mondays at 9:45am. CHECK THE SCHEDULE and come work out with us to build healthier bones! 
  • START ANY TIME AND COME WHEN YOU CAN! Easy and flexible but the more you come the better for your bones!

Cost: NO COST thanks to underwriting by AGING WELL, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund. 

Ballet & Movement Classes for Active Aging

Silver Ballet

Ballet classes are offered on our drop-in class schedule at several levels. Ballet is an inviting workout alternative because it is gentle on the body and low impact.
Silver Ballet is a 45-minute class geared towards those age 55+ in a supportive and professional atmosphere.
Besides the fun of taking a class with other seniors, there are many benefits of ballet for senior adults. 

  • Better posture
  • Improved memory
  • Improved balance.
  • Grace and coordination

This class is a must-try. Enjoy the company and promote physical and mental vitality!

Start any time and come when you can! Offered every Tuesday at 1:15pm 

While geared toward the 55+ adult we welcome others wanting this slower class level for only 45 minutes.

Movement & Music for Active Aging - Holiday Edition!

Offered at LOW Cost thanks to partial underwriting.

This is NOT a dance class, but there will be music...GREAT MUSIC...and you will move! And your heart-rate will go up from the cardio-focused movement. 

Movement and music together will not only provide a fun and refreshing workout, but will get your heart-rate up and stimulate the mind for long-term health and well-being. We will move every muscle possible, putting steps and arm movement together in a variety of fun ways that will improve endurance, flexibility, and balance, and also stimulate memory and wake up the brain!

A super-fun class for anyone who wants to move and groove to timeless holiday music. You may even break a sweat!

Modification is welcome. Take the class standing and grooving, sitting in a chair and grooving, or a combination of both!

Instructor: Vicki Parsons, Ballet Austin's Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Director

Date & Time: ​TBD Summer 2020

Cost: - LOW COST thanks to partial underwriting by AGING WELL, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund.

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