Leaps and No Bounds

About the Program

Founded in 1995, the Leaps and No Bounds program focuses on using kinesthetic learning as a means of reinforcing the skills necessary for success on state curriculum standards.

Impacting approximately 600 children in three low socio-economic elementary schools within the Austin area, this program uses weekly movement lessons as a method of reinforcing core classroom curricula and essential skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies for each grade level from pre-K through fifth.

Since its inception two decades ago, the program has been cited repeatedly by teachers and administrators as a key component in their strategies to effectively educate their students. The kinesthetic nature of the curriculum effectively reaches students who are challenged in a traditional classroom setting, including students with language barriers and/or learning disabilities.

Leaps and No Bounds currently serves Maplewood, Wooten and Oak Springs Elementary Schools.

For more information about having Leaps and No Bounds at your school, or for underwriting/sponsorship opportunities, please email Pei-San Brown.

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