GRIMM TALES in the Wall Street Journal

"Fashioning a Fairy Tale"

'Grimm Tales,' a new production at Ballet Austin in Texas, sees three stories from the Brothers Grimm through the perspective of artist Natalie Frank. Ms. Frank worked with costume designer Constance Hoffman on the look of the three tales in the ballet: 'The Frog King, 'Snow White' and 'The Juniper Tree.' Scroll through for more images of how they brought the characters to life.

Photographs by Alex Scott for The Wall Street Journal Text by Kelly Crow

"Mayhem and Murder Star in a Fairy Tale Ballet"

“Grimm Tales,” a ballet opening Friday in Austin, Texas, has queens and dwarves and a frog-kissing princess—but doesn’t end happily ever after.

The Ballet Austin production is based on tales from the Brothers Grimm and inspired by the gritty drawings of Natalie Frank, an artist who has spent the past eight years exploring the gruesome scenarios behind “Snow White,” “Cinderella” and other folk stories.

Stephen Mills, Ballet Austin’s artistic director, choreographed the ballet and commissioned a score from composer Graham Reynolds. Ms. Frank shaped the look of the production and created 35 drawings for the sets...