Meet our Pilates clients!

Meet Tony, Athlete and Pilates Client at Ballet Austin
"I’ve had two back surgeries, I’ve had chronic pain going back for over the last 10 years so I’m constantly trying to find new ways to stay active and be able to be active. I’ve always kind of heard that Pilates was something that would be beneficial and healthy for me to do. Since doing Pilates over the last 9 months, I can tell you that I feel much better on a daily basis in terms of pain management but also flexibility. I feel that I’m in better physical shape, it makes me want to work out and do more physical activity outside Pilates and it’s also given me an increased sense of body awareness and physical awareness, it helps with my coordination and overall it’s been a great experience and I would highly recommend anyone else that’s interested in trying it, especially guys, check your ego at the door, challenge yourself and check out Ballet Austin."  -Tony T.

Meet Ana Maria, Professor and Pilates Client at Ballet Austin
"I learned very quickly that I had been using my body wrong for a really long period of time and all of the sudden I was going to be able to learn how to use my muscle groups correctly. So I stuck with it and I’ve been doing it for three years. It is totally worth the drive either directly from work in Round Rock or from the furthest corner of north east Austin, because even if I am tired or I have had a really long day at work, I know that once I’m in class and I get through class I am going to feel better. If my work schedule allowed me to I would be here every day sometimes twice a day. But it’s because it doesn’t wear me down it actually makes me feel better. I’ve actually grown half an inch since I’ve been doing Pilates because apparently I was not holding myself upright and I was just kind of like crumbling down and now I’m longer and stronger."  -Ana Maria V.

Meet Lucy, Yoga Instructor and Pilates Client at Ballet Austin
“I’ve been doing Pilates for about 10 years. I originally started doing Pilates because I was experiencing some back pain. Even though I am a yoga teacher, that didn’t seem to be enough and I’d heard that Pilates could be helpful because of the core stabilizing. Everybody’s different and every single body that you work with is different and I feel like the teachers at Ballet Austin really honor that. You’re training your body to choose to activate certain muscles as opposed to other ones and that’s the point of the exercise not just going through a routine and I feel like you get feedback here from the instructors to help you make sure that that’s what you’re doing. Because I’ve had injuries, I would do private lessons with Vlada before I joined group class again, and that really gave me insight into her specific physical therapy knowledge as well.” –Lucy J.