The Magic Flute

About the Production

Set to an invigorating, reimagined score of Mozart’s timeless opera, Stephen Mills’ production of The Magic Flute draws you into a world of suspended reality, featuring visually arresting shadow puppetry, mythical creatures, fantastical costumes, star-crossed lovers, and an enchanted instrument that can change the hearts of men. The ballet explores the story of Prince Tamino and Princess Pamina, who must survive magical ordeals before they can be together. After trials, tribulations and a few romantic complications courtesy of the ever-scheming Queen of the Night, the couple finds their “happily ever after,” and everyone celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

For this full-length dance work, Mills collaborated with Dr. Donald Grantham—composer and music professor at the University of Texas—to transform Mozart’s original, four-hour score into an energetic and well-paced 90-minute production. Grantham’s new score transforms the arias of the original opera, allowing interesting instrumentation and musical accompaniment to do the “singing,” while dancers’ movements bring the score and the story to life.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Stephen Mills  |  MUSIC: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What Critics Are Saying...

...the shadows loom onstage, meshing cultural finesse with a centuries-old platform of storytelling

Ingenuity feeds ingenuity..."

Arts and Culture Texas  //  Erin Fulton  //  Aug 08, 2016  //  Read Entire Article

"I let the movement, the dance tell the story," says Mills.

And the shadows? "They have their own mystery," he says."

Austin 360  //  Jeanne Claire van Ryzin  //  May 01, 2011  //  Read Entire Article

...the Magic Flute will further solidify Mills' reputation as a strong creative force and a true asset to Austin's cultural scene.

The themes and characters of the original opera are enlivened with fantastical elements, shadow puppetry, and a carefully-trimmed symphonic score."

The Austinist  //  C. Moore  //  May 06, 2011  //  Read Entire Article

Once again, Stephen Mills “raises the bar” on what is possible in the world of dance.

This production was sooo Austin, soooo Stephen Mills."

Classically Austin 89.5  //  Dianne Donovan  //  May 27, 2011  //  Read Entire Article

Ballet Austin's "The Magic Flute" is a vividly Colorful spectacle that you don't want to end.

That's why we keep going back."

Austin American Statesman  //  Claire Christine Spera  //  May 10, 2011  //  Read Entire Article


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