Sharing Stories of Courage

WORLD PREMIERE - Commissioned by Dr. Beverly Dale

When loss rips through you—and when life takes from you—transcendence requires courage.  In this most personal of works, Stephen Mills explores what it is to acknowledge human fear, yet ultimately choose courage. Exit Wounds is a full evening-length work portrayed in three chapters that explore situations in Mills’ life in which he witnessed acts of courage that altered his personal perspective. The title, Exit Wounds, refers to the idea that when those we love and those who have influenced us exit this life, they take with them unrecoverable and intrinsic elements while leaving with us positive memories and important lessons. The work also explores the impact fear of loss can have on our lives and the options we have to face it, understand it, and ultimately, grow beyond it by choosing courage above all else. Experience this emotionally provoking and inspirational dance work designed to move your heart and mind while encouraging us all to find a way forward.​

Production Credits:

Stephen Mills
Music: Graham Reynolds
Scenic Design: Michael B. Raiford
Lighting Design: Tony Tucci
Video Design: Jordan Moser
Costume Design: Monica Guerra

Choreography: Stephen Mills
Music: Claude Debussy
Scenic Design: Michael B. Raiford
Lighting Design: Tony Tucci
Video Design: Jordan Moser
Costume Design: Michael B. Raiford and Stephen Mills

Choreography: Stephen Mills
Music: Joby Talbot, Jordan Moser, and Bryce Dessner
Scenic Design: Michael B. Raiford
Lighting Design: Tony Tucci
Video Design: Jordan Moser
Costume Design: Michael B. Raiford and Stephen Mills

Graham Reynolds' original score for Fields is commissioned by Ballet Austin and funded by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Claude Debussy music by arrangement with Kirshbaum Associates Inc. publisher and copyright owner.

Bryce Dessner and Joby Talbot music by arrangement with G. Schirmer INC. publisher and copyright owner.

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