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August: Back-to-school Ideas, Tips, & Inspiration

The new school year is approaching. For some it’s a first year, for others it’s their last.
But for all, this time of year is a beginning; a time to think about what’s next and make the most of what’s ahead.

Check out our Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well pages and be on your way to a greater sense of well-being for the entire family this year.

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Your Best Health & Best Self Start Here

Ballet Austin’s mission is to involve and strengthen our community through the creation and experience of dance and the encouragement of health and well-being.

Well-being is multi-dimensional and involves all aspects of our lives. Being well helps us to be the best versions of ourselves. Founded on the belief that as we eat, move, and live well, we will ultimately be well, Ballet Austin’s BE WELL initiative focuses on providing inspiration and resources related to food, movement, and healthy living.

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Your journey to better nutrition starts here. We believe that if you eat well you will be well.

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Begin your journey to improve your well-being one movement at a time. Let’s move together!

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To experience well-being in life, pursue what is good and good for you to live well.

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