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For consideration for Ballet Austin’s main Company, Ballet Austin II (Company apprentice), and/or the Butler Fellowship Program (trainee program), applicants must meet the eligibility requirements listed below. Audition materials will be accepted via a specific link which must be requested by emailing Company Manager Eugene Alvarez starting January 4, 2023. Materials will be evaluated on a rolling basis as they are received so applicants are encouraged to apply early in the process as in-person auditions will be limited and offered by invitation only.


  • Age:  Must be 18 or older
  • Height:   Female 5’7” (maximum), Male 5’8” and above
  • Residency Status:  Must be eligible for employment in the United States of America
Required Materials:
1. Use link to create a record in our audition database
2. Resumé (one-page summary)
3. Photographs (4 images)
  • Headshot
  • First arabesque
  • Tendu à la seconde, facing the camera
  • Tendu à la seconde, in profile
4. Video links (4 links)
     A. Classwork (filmed in-studio)
  • Barre (one side only, short exercises):
    • Pliés
    • Tendus
    • Quick dégagés
    • Adagio
    • Grand battement
  • Center (both sides, short exercises, women on pointe)
    • Adagio
    • Pirouettes
    • Grandes pirouettes
    • Petit allegro
    • Entrechat six
    • Grand allegro
    • Men – double tours
    • Women – diagonal turns
     B. Classical variation (filmed in a studio, in practice clothes, if possible)
     C. Contemporary variation (filmed in a studio, in practice clothes, if possible)
     D.  Partnering (men only – filmed in a studio, in practice clothes, if possible)

General audition inquiries may be directed to (512) 476-9151, ext. 128 or by email to Company Manager Eugene Alvarez.

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