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In 2005 in his visit to Austin as part of LIGHT / THE HOLOCAUST & HUMANITY PROJECT, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel reminded Austin that “when there is suffering, don’t sleep.” He also declared that “the opposite of love is not hate… it is indifference.” In keeping with this imperative, Ballet Austin established the Equity Project Leadership Team, comprised of stakeholders of color and allies from across our organization. The goal of the team is to increase Ballet Austin’s capacity to recognize and understand the systemic forces sustaining racism across our industry for centuries.

We strive to identify where these forces are currently at work within our own institution and to move swiftly to adopt best practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and our community. That is who we are. Ballet Austin renounces all forms of racism and bigotry, holding ourselves accountable to educate ourselves and to do the necessary work while remaining vulnerable and humble. The path to create a safer and more respectful community will be a long one, but it is a journey to which we remain committed.

Please reach out to the Equity Project Leadership Team with any questions or to continue the conversation.

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