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Be Well Talks with Ballet Austin

Helping our community prioritize well-being through free health and wellness presentations

Employee well-being is the overall measure of an employee’s mental and physical health, relating to life habits in the workplace and beyond – home, work, and community life. Prioritizing and supporting well-being can have a significant and positive impact on a business when it focuses on ensuring employees are individually well.

Organizations that support employees, and care for their mental and physical health, will help employees manage stress, build healthy relationships, improve productivity, and reduce burnout. As part of Ballet Austin’s BE WELL Initiative, we offer FREE talks for businesses and organizations.


Wellness, Professional Development & Team Building

Looking for a speaker for a Lunch & Learn or other wellness event? Is your team in need of in-service or professional development? Does your organization need a guest speaker at a meeting or conference? Look no further! Schedule a FREE talk today!

  • Informative, interactive and motivational
  • A variety of health, wellness, and motivational/inspirational topics
  • Typically 45 to 60 minutes in length, live or virtual, and for small groups or large groups

Offered at no cost as a part of our mission and “give back” to the Austin community. 

Taught by Vicki Parsons, Director of Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness, who has over three decades of teaching and speaking, and most importantly, real-life experience. 

Hear the facts, laugh a little, be inspired, and be challenged! 

Topics below are available at your location, or may be adapted for a virtual presentation. Topics can be modified for your organization’s need and interest. Don’t see a topic you’re looking for? Request a topic and we will try to make it happen! Questions? Email

Most requested BE WELL topics include:

  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Exercise. (What exercise, or your lack of, is doing to your brain)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Sugar. (What sugar is doing to your brain and other nutrition tips)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Optimism (Unwiring the Negativity Bias)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Kindness (Unharness the power of kindness for health and wellness in you and others)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Walking (walking even a few minutes a day can transform you mind and body)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Stand Up and Live Longer (AKA Scared Sit-less!) – The impact of a sedentary lifestyle
  • AGING: Aging Does Not Mean Growing Old. Holding on to a healthier attitude throughout life.
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Couch Kids! A Global Pandemic of Childhood Inactivity
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Someone’s Watching You—Modeling a Healthy Life to the Next Generation.
  • STRESS: “I’m So Stressed Out!” A common phrase but it doesn’t have to be – What’s in your toolbox?
  • STRESS: How to Avoid Holiday Stress – and actually enjoy the holiday season!
  • STRESS & SELF-CARE: Find Your OFF Button – Take time for self-care
  • LIFE: How To Find The Silver Lining in Challenging Times
  • LIFE: 12 Things to Put on Your “To-Don’t” List Today
  • LIFE: The Power of the 3 R’s. Respect, Responsibility & Resilience.
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Developing Mental Strength and Resilience in the Workplace
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Tips to Have a Healthy and Well Workday & Life
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: How to Have a Heart-Healthy Workplace – a great talk for January/February for Heart Month

Team Building and Professional Development

There are many different ways to build “team”.

  • It might be inviting a guest speaker to your organization’s team building event or conference (generally longer than the Be Well Talks above)  Through humor, insight, and personal experiences, Vicki will challenge and inspire growth, unity, and encourage real change.
  • It might be offering individual or group wellness coaching to your team members. We can provide that service. Vicki engages individuals or groups and inspires a new level of personal awareness and commitment.
  • It might be planning something fun or creative to do together. A group fitness class to sweat it out. Dance is a fun way to build camaraderie through a shared experience with your group. Or just make it a Dance Party!
Find out more about booking an event for your organization

Invest in Your Team and Everyone Wins

Once an afterthought, workplace wellness and employee well-being have become a priority for most organizations.

Beyond just offering a fitness center and standing desks, Ballet Austin’s Be Well Talks address the personal and interpersonal needs of each team member.

Consider the benefits and book a talk today.

A variety of health and wellness topics to help you get started

Ballet Austin is a Mayor’s Health & Well-being Council Certified Partner!

Ballet Austin’s mission includes encouraging health and well-being. We care about the health of our employees, students, and visitors to our center.

Ballet Austin is a community leader in creating and supporting a culture of health and wellness and embraces the Mayor’s Health & Well-being Council’s mission.

The Mayor’s Health & Well-being Council (MHWC) recognized certified partners and announced the winners of the Moving the Needle Workplace Awards and the Mayor’s Healthiest Workplace Awards during a ceremony held at Austin City Hall on Friday, September 16, 2022.

Ballet Austin was awarded the Healthiest Workplace Award and is recognized as a GOLD Level Certified Partner.

Ballet Austin’s Be Well Strategies

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