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Active Aging Programs For Ages 50+

Stay active, connected, and aging well.

Underwritten by Aging Well, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund and sponsored by ABC Home & Commercial Services.

Active Aging classes and workshops for ages 50+ are offered at NO or LOW cost to keep you aging well.

Ask about Senior Discounts for those 60+ that apply to all classes at Ballet Austin (not just Active Aging) Email for more information about Senior Adult Rates.

Focus, Intentions, and Measures of our Programming

Qualitative VS. Quantitative

  • Quantitative measures include losing fat, gaining muscle, losing weight, increasing speed and agility, changing metabolism, etc.
  • Qualitative measures include well-being, vitality, healthspan (the period of one’s life that one is healthy and free from serious disease), etc.

While participation in our classes and workshops can lead to quantitative improvements, the focus is on qualitative. We encourage movement that affects a positive change in well-being, vitality, and healthspan. With a qualitative approach, we hope to create a wellness environment offering movement opportunities for ages 50+ to keep you aging well.

OSTEO-STRONG – Bone Health

A weekly workout using weight-bearing for better bone health – offered at NO COST. Start any time. Offered both VIRTUALLY and ON-SITE at Ballet Austin Mondays at 10:45am.


A weekly workout for strengthening, toning, and cardio – offered at NO COST. Start any time. Offered both VIRTUALLY and ON-SITE at Ballet Austin Thursdays at 10:45am.


 ‘Awareness Through Movement’ using the Feldenkrais® method. Try your first class for $5. Start any time and attend when you can. Offered every Friday at 12 noon. People love this class!

Balance for Falls Prevention

Falls are the #1 cause leading to decline and death in older adults. The good news is that there are simple ways to prevent falls. Find out about our Falls Prevention workshop.

Silver Ballet Classes

Ballet is a wonderful way to get a workout and enjoy the arts! Gentle on the body and low impact. Silver Ballet is a LOW COST weekly class at Mondays at 1:30pm. Start any time!

Strengthen & Stretch Workouts

Weekly Pilates-based mat workouts to improve strength, balance & stability, flexibility, and ease the pains that slow you down. Start any time and discover how great you’ll feel!

Balance Training

Better Balance & Movement™ Workshop

How To Reduce Falls and Enjoy Overall Wellness Through a Brain to Body Connection!

CLICK HERE for DETAILS & DATES for the next Better Balance & Movement™ WORKSHOP

The steps you take are important. Walking gets you places, connects you with people, and keeps you independent. And balance is an ignored necessity in life…until we begin to lose it.

Improvement in your balance can reduce and even prevent falls. Good balance can relieve the fear and worry of moving around. As a result, you will have greater independence and overall well-being.

We care about helping you to discover simple ways to prevent falls.

While statistics tell us that 1 in 4 people age 65 or older falls each year, and falls are the #1 cause leading to decline and death in seniors, there are proven strategies to prevent falls, and regain or strengthen balance no matter your age.

We know balance comes from the brain, and yet many falls prevention programs focus only on the body. We will encourage you and focus on promoting and maintaining better balance, coordination, and posture through a series of simple brain and muscle exercises.

What sets this balance training apart from most others is that it recognizes the importance of the brain to body connection. There is both a cognitive and physical component to this workshop. It might be challenging, but fun!

Not only will you learn more about balance and preventing falls, you will receive a huge boost to your brain!

Better Balance & Movement™, developed by Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Director Vicki Parsons, is excellent for adults of all ages, although geared towards adults age 50 plus. It is also beneficial for those dealing with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

Instructor: Vicki Parsons, Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Director and Certified Brain Health Trainer and Certified Functional Aging Specialist from the Functional Aging Institute.

Dates & Times: 

  • Wednesdays – June 26, 2024 – July 10, 2024: 1:00pm – 2:00pm – This workshop will be 1-hour weekly for 3 weeks

Cost:  NO COST to enroll in the 4-week workshop thanks to underwriting by Aging Well, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund. Please only enroll if you will be attending all weeks as these workshops fill to capacity.

Not able or ready to attend the the workshop on site at Ballet Austin? Enjoy a complimentary Better Balance & Movement™ for Active Aging Video with Vicki Parsons.

Questions: Call 512.501.8704 or email Vicki Parsons

ENROLL into Better Balance & Movement – Helping to Reduce Falls through Brain to Body Connection
Intro to Better Balance & Movement – A FREE On Demand Video

Aging Well – Your Health & Well-being

Your Best Health & Best Self Start Here

Ballet Austin’s mission is to involve and strengthen our community through the creation and experience of dance and the encouragement of health and well-being. Founded on the belief that as we eat, move, and live well, we will ultimately be well, Ballet Austin’s BE WELL initiative focuses on providing inspiration and resources related to food, movement, and healthy living.

Visit our BE WELL pages!
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Caregivers & Family Members: the Important Partners in Falls Prevention

A Balance and Falls Awareness & Prevention workshop for those caring for the well-being of others offered at NO COST

More Information about Workshops for Caregivers

Falls are common among older adults. Every second of every day, an adult age 65+ suffers a fall in the U.S.  Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group.

Research has shown that after an older adult has their first fall, there is an increase in the fear of falling. Fear can often lead to a sedentary lifestyle, decreased activity, isolation, and often depression. But falls are preventable. As a caregiver, you can be a partner and an active participant in falls prevention.

Whether you are a family member of an older adult, a friend, work in a long-term care facility, or a professional caregiver, you can help!

This workshop, using the approach from the Better Balance & Movement™ workshop, is designed to encourage and offer information, tips and simple activities that can help prevent falls in those you care.  The workshop also includes participation several of the balance and movement strategies taught during our 4-week Better Balance & Movement™ Workshop.

Instructor: Vicki Parsons, Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness Director and Certified Brain Health Trainer, Certified Functional Aging Specialist, and member of the Functional Aging Institute.

We are happy to bring this workshop to your group, organization, or long-term care facility at NO COST. This makes a great staff in-service training. (Underwritten by Aging Well, a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund) includes a 2-hour workshop, Q & A, and handouts. If you have a group that would benefit from an onsite training please email Vicki Parsons.

You may also be interested in an inspiration FREE talk on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Questions: Call 512.501.8704 or email Vicki Parsons

Email to schedule a Caregiver Workshop at you location

Senior Centers and Retirement Homes

Senior Programming – Classes at Your Location!

We love to engage with our community and offer classes at Senior Centers, Living Centers, Activity & Rec Centers, Neighborhood groups, Community Centers, and wherever you are!

What can we bring to you?

  • Active Aging Workout Classes taught at your location at no cost
    • Osteo-strong for better bone health
    • Weights & Bands for overall strengthening and better heart health
    • Rhythm & Joy Movement for fun movement with great music and rhythm sticks!
  • Our Better Balance & Movement™ class for Caregivers taught for your group
  • An Inspirational Talk for your group of seniors on topics of aging and/or wellness at NO COST.
    • You may also be interested in having Vicki come to your facility or organization to give a free talk to your staff.
    • Find out more about BE WELL TALKS here.
  • Trainings and in-service for staff offering tips and strategies on a variety of aging related topic. Cost is determined per training.

If you have a small group you are welcome to join one of our regularly scheduled classes on-site at Ballet Austin.

If you would like to schedule a special class, training, or presentation, please email Vicki Parsons.

Email to request information about scheduling a class, training, or talk for your group

Active Aging Programs Sponsor

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