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Topics below are available on-site at your location and may be adapted for a virtual presentation as well. Topics can be modified for your organization’s need and interest, or request a topic and we will try to make it happen!

  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Exercise. (What exercise, or your lack of, is doing to your brain)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Sugar. (What sugar is doing to your brain and other nutrition tips)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Your Brain on Optimism (Unwiring the Negativity Bias)
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Stand Up and Live Longer (AKA Scared Sit-less!)
  • AGING: Aging Does Not Mean Growing Old. Holding on to a healthier attitude throughout life.
  • AGING: Dreams Don’t Have an expiration Date
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Couch Kids! A Global Pandemic of Childhood Inactivity
  • FAMILY/PARENTING: Someone’s Watching You—Modeling a Healthy Life to the Next Generation.
  • STRESS: “I’m So Stressed Out!” A common phrase but it doesn’t have to be – What’s in your toolbox?
  • STRESS: How to Avoid Holiday Stress – and actually enjoy the holiday season!
  • STRESS & SELF-CARE: Un-exhaust yourself. The Importance of self-care in your super-human world
  • STRESS & SELF-CARE: Find Your OFF Button – Take time for self-care
  • STRESS & SELF-CARE: Practicing Wonder & Awe for Mental and Physical Health
  • LIFE: How To Find The Silver Lining in Challenging Times
  • LIFE: 12 Things to Put on Your “To-Don’t” List Today
  • LIFE: The Power of the 3 R’s. Respect, Responsibility & Resilience.
  • LIFE: Empathy with a Capital P
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: The Impact of a Culture of TRUST on Workplace Wellness
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Fully Plugged In to Your People (a leadership talk)
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Developing Mental Strength and Resilience in the Workplace
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: Tips to Have a Healthy and Well Workday & Life
  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS/CULTURE: How to Have a Heart-Healthy Workplace – a great talk for January/February for Heart Month

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