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Not Afraid of the Dark – The Show that Glows®

About the Production

A magical show that is a visual treat for all ages. Ballet Austin II delights with a production that turns darkness into a place to laugh, sing, clap, dream, dance, and do everything imaginable, except be afraid! Not Afraid of the Dark—The Show That Glows® is the story of nighttime in the life of a young boy or girl. They chase fireflies in the park, get ready for bed, and find out about all the wonderful magic that happens in the dark. Through these children’s dreams and with the help of special lighting effects, Artistic Director Stephen Mills invites us to dance with the stars, catch shadows, and visit the land of stick people. We discover the dark is never scary, but fun and can be seen in a whole new light. Through this production, which is well-suited for families with young children, you’ll discover what wonderful things can  happen when you “turn out the lights”!

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Ages 2 & Up  |  RUN TIME: 1 hour

CHOREOGRAPHY: Stephen Mills  |  CONCEPT & MUSIC: Joe Scruggs

Photos by Tony Spielberg

Licensing Information

For information about licensing this production, contact us or view the Technical Specifications.

Paul Michael Bloodgood
Associate Director / Film & Video Production

Bill Sheffield
Production Director
512.476.9151, ext. 113

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