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“…A masterful exposition on one of history’s darkest episodes. Visually and emotionally gripping…”

This is a way to build on our past and create a new future, said Charles Cohen with the Commission for Jewish Education. The ballet is called Light: The Holocaust and Humanity Project. It’s been performed by Ballet Austin across the country before making its way to West Palm Beach.

Devoid of any kind of violence, the viewer was presented with the human response to the horrors of the Holocaust. Clearly drawn from a deep study of the emotional memories of many survivors, Mills crafted a movement vocabulary that was fascinatingly different. His creative imagery was surprisingly concise and his choreography, with its endlessly original movement and partnering, was distinctive and powerful.

The power of dance to transform audiences from who they were the moment the house lights went dark to the people they become during the hour-and-a-half of consummate, beautiful storytelling has, perhaps, never been so dramatically felt. Mills’ choreography for Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project is evocative and soulful, at times joyous and exhilarating, while in the very next phrase heartbreaking and demoralizing. In other words, he somehow captures the range of human emotion, setting it on a cadre of dancers who become his life-altering instruments.

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