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Ballet Classes & Workshops For Adults

Ballet is a favorite class for adults at Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced ballet dancer, or somewhere in between, we offer it all. “I’m too old, too big, or too clumsy” are not excuses here!

Beyond the excitement of taking a ballet class where Ballet Austin’s professional dancers train, the beautiful studios with quality marley flooring and barres are state-of-the-art. The benefits of ballet make it a great choice for adults of all ages, providing upper and lower body strength, core strength, improved flexibility, balance, and better posture. It’s also a great benefit to brain health!

Ballet Workshops for Adults

For the absolute beginner adult, this is the place to start. It’s never too late to learn ballet! Enroll into a ballet workshop and learn the basics of ballet from the beginning.  You will love it!

Drop-in Ballet Classes

If you have a little or a lot of ballet experience, we’ve got a class! Drop-in ballet classes allow you to choose your level, start any time, and come when you can. Give it a try! If you’re new, pay only $5.

Silver Ballet for ages 50+

Ballet is a wonderful way to work out and enjoy the arts! Gentle on the body and low impact. Silver Ballet is a weekly class for those 50+. Be a part of a ballet community! Start any time!

Specialty Ballet Workshops

For adults with some ballet experience who want to take their training to a next level and focus on learning something new in the ballet world or fulfilling a dream! Check out the options!

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