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From 1 hour to 6-weeks – Learn to dance at Ballet Austin!


Hula Workshop

Absolute Beginning Hawaiian Dance – HULA 101

Hawaiian Dance for the absolute beginner to hula. This is a workshop to learn from the beginning. Think Hula 101!

Hula is a beautiful and graceful form of dance from the Hawaiian Islands, combining intricate foot movements along with meaningful gestures of the hands and body to tell stories through movement and music. A great low impact workout as well!

No prior dance experience is necessary for this workshop! In this authentic Hula workshop taught by an instructor from Hawaii, learn all of the hula basics.

Adults and ages 13 and up welcome.

Already have some basic hula? Try one of our weekly Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Hula drop-in classes. See the drop-in class schedule for more details.

Instructor: Vivian Kaw

Date & Time:

Check back for future dates.

Cost: $110

Hip-Hop Workshop

Absolute Beginning Hip Hop for Adults

Hip-hop dance is tons of fun for all skill levels! Come learn the basic hip-hop moves and simple hip-hop choreography! Studies show that hip-hop dancing improves energy, lifts mood, and lowers stress in ways similar to aerobic exercise.

This workshop is designed to introduce adults (and teens ages 15 and older) to the hip-hop culture and dance. Each class teaches the fundamentals of various Hip-hop dance movements in a fun, energetic, and welcoming class environment.


Instructors: Dereke’ Thompson

Date & Time: 

Check back for future dates.

Cost: $120  (six weeks)

Irish Dancing - Sean Nos

Absolute Beginning Irish Sean-Nós | Intro to Irish Dancing

Ireland! We love the music and the dance! Irish Sean-Nós (sha-nose) literally means “old style.” Individuals perform this beautiful style of dance to their own steps and their own rhythm. Everyone can do it!

Sean-Nós Dance is an old style of dancing that is most associated with the west of Ireland. Sean-Nós dance is low to the ground stepping out to the music, similar to tap dance, and the style is more relaxed than modern Irish step dancing, so it is easy to learn. The footwork is great fun to watch, to do, and especially fun to listen to!

This is a six-week, introductory level of Sean-Nós for those with little or no experience in Irish dancing and will explore the basic footwork and technique, musicality, and improvisation within the old Irish style of dance.

Instructor: Emily Furillo

Date & Time:

Check back for future dates.

Cost: $110.00

Absolute Beginning Modern Dance for Adults

It is never too late to learn anything new, but Modern dance can be especially fun for adults. Modern dance is an expressive and free form style of dance. With technique less restrictive than classical ballet, modern is the perfect jumping-off point for self-expression.

The workshop will introduce modern concepts through exercises and choreography designed to promote proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

This workshop is for the absolute beginner adult.

Instructors: Mia Moi

Date & Time:

Check back for future dates

Cost: $85.00

Registration required in advance

Absolute Beginning Tap Dance for Adults

A four-week tap workshop designed for adults to learn tap dance from the very beginning.  Tap dance is for any age. It can be a great workout, strengthening the legs and feet, all while increasing mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles. It is also extremely beneficial to cognitive functioning. You are never too old to learn!

Absolute Beginning Tap focuses on learning single tap steps, then incorporating the steps into a series of combinations.

Have a bit of tap experience already? You might want to try the Basic Level Tap class offered weekly on Saturdays. Start any time and come when you can.

Dress Code: Tap shoes recommended but not required to get started. Wear a shoe with a low hard heal. Comfortable clothing.

Instructor: Mia Moi

Date & Time: 

Check back for future dates.

Cost:  $85


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