Dance Classes & Workshops for Kids & Teens

Dance has many benefits for children. They are naturally creative, musical and artistic. Dance provides physical, psychological, and social benefits. Through dance, children develop spatial awareness, work on coordination, and learn to share space with others. It is also fun! And fun is important for kids of all ages.

For preteens and teens, dance is a fantastic extra-curricular activity, an all-around healthy activity, and a great way to meet people with similar interests. Dance also develops self-confidence, offers a challenge, and builds discipline. Most importantly...DANCE IS FUN!

Check out the upcoming dance workshops offered and enroll today!


Whether you are looking for a fun summer activity, want to learn something new, or hope to prepare for middle school and high school auditions, we might have a class or workshop just right for you!

Drop-in dance & fitness classes are open to adults & teens ages 15 and older year round. During summer months we lower the age to 13 giving teens the opportunity to spend their summer dancing! We also offer a Drop-in Beginning Ballet class just for preteens and teens during July and August. Look on the schedule for the Tuesday class offered July 2- August 13. Our adult dance & fitness classes are offered 7 days a week. Ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, conditioning classes, and more! Great opportunities for high school dance students to keep dancing all summer long, or anyone who wants to dance the days away! Only during the summer months do we open classes to ages 13 and older.

Dance Workshops in a variety of dance styles that can easily fit into your busy schedule. Musical Theatre and Tap are favorites!

Pilates Reformer Workout for ages 11-16 offers one of the best workouts around for dancers and non-dancers, athletes, and anyone wanting to strenghten and tone. Scroll down to find out more about our Pilates Group Reformer opptions for pre-teens and teens. Pilates is a great workout to try during the summer!

Dance Workshops for Kids, Preteens & Teens!

Introductory Hip Hop for ages 7-12

Introductory level Hip Hop dance workshop for ages 7-12

This 6-week hip hop workshop introduces the popular urban hip hop style of dance in a fun and kid-friendly way.

Learn basic hip hop dance moves featured in today’s popular music videos, including footwork, freezes, and more. Super awesome and fun instructor!

Hip Hop is such a great way to challenge a child's coordination, strength, rhythm, agility, and endurance.

Open to ages 7-12 with no or little hip hop experience.
Welcoming and friendly and lots of fun!

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Instructor: Jared Hale

Date & Time: 

  • Wednesdays, June 5 - June 26: 5:00pm-5:45pm (4 weeks summer)

Cost: $75 - 4 weeks

Absolute Beginning Hawaiian Dance - Hula 1

Whether you have a vacation planned for the Hawaiian Islands, enjoy learning dance styles from other culture, or just want to learn something new, this summer, enroll into Absolute Beginning Hawaiian Dance and learn hula from the very beginning! Experience a culture that is full of beauty and exciting adventure.

Hula dancing is a beautiful and graceful form of dance combining foot movement along with meaningful hand gestures to tell a story or teach a lesson. Classes include dances in the ancient form of hula (hula kahiko) as well as the more contemporary form of hula (hula 'auana). Hawaiian history and culture are also shared as they relate to each hula learned in class.

Open to adults and teens ages 13 and up.

Instructor: Vivian Kaw

Date & Time: Mondays, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm: June 3-July 8  (6 weeks) 

Cost:  $115 for 6 weeks

Registration required in advance

Beginning Musical Theatre Dance for Ages 13 and up

Musical Theatre dance for adults and teens ages 13 and older.

Are you a Musical Theatre student in middle school, high school or college and lack confidence in your dance training? Or are you an adult or teen wanting to give Musical Theatre Dance a try?
This workshop at the beginning level is for YOU!
This 4-week workshop will be taught by the best at the beginning level (little or limited dance experience) to help the musical theatre lover (Or future musical theatre lover) learn some of the common dance moves of musical theatre!
Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and jazz shoes, sneakers, or ballet shoes are fine.

Instructor: Adam Roberts

Date & Time Options: 

  • Sundays,  June 16 - July 7: 1:15pm-2:15pm (4 weeks)
  • Sundays,  July 21 - August 11: 1:15pm-2:15pm (4 weeks)

Cost: $80 per 4-week workshop

Intermediate Musical Theatre Dance for Ages 13 and up

Anyone with dance experience at the intermediate level that wants to improve their Musical Theatre Dance skills will not want to miss this workshop!

Broadway dance and dance styles at the intermediate level where teens and adults learn choreography and perfect their skills.

Open to adults and teens ages 13 and older.

Spend 4 weeks with Adam Roberts who has served as artistic director, choreographer, and musical director for a wide range of companies, productions and initiatives throughout his career, with choreography credits including two European concert tours.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and jazz shoes, sneakers, or ballet shoes are fine.

Instructor: Adam Roberts

Date & Time Options: 

  • Sundays,  June 16 - July 7: 2:15pm-3:15pm (4 weeks)
  • Sundays,  July 21 - August 11: 2:15pm-3:15pm (4 weeks)

Cost: $80 per 4-week workshop

Intermediate Advance Tap Dance

If you have tap experience and want to refine and sharpen your skills, this workshop is for you!

Taught at the intermediate/advanced level for those desiring to get ready for auditions, improve their skills, or just keep tapping through the summer!

Work on steps, more complex turns, and build speed while keeping the clarity of your taps clean. Work on more complicated combinations and just enjoy a fun and challenging class this summer!

Open to adult tappers and teens ages 13 and older with tap experience.

Tap shoes required.

Instructor: Adam Roberts

Date & Time Options: 

  • Sundays,  June 16 - July 7: 3:15pm-4:15pm (4 weeks)
  • Sundays,  July 21 - August 11: 3:15pm-4:15pm (4 weeks)

Cost: $80 per 4-week workshop

Beginning Ballet Drop-in Class for Ages 11-18

This is NOT a workshop, however is a great summer ballet option for ages 11-18. Start any time and come when you can! This option is offered on our drop-in schedule between July 2 and August 13.

For preteens and teens interested in beginning-level ballet class, this open ballet class is for you!
Only offered during the summer months, this class gives ages 11-18 the opportunity to try ballet, improve technique at the beginning level, and get some ballet basics needed for other dance styles. A great option for dance team students who need more ballet.
The basics will be the focus, offering the opportunity to learn and improve basic ballet vocabulary and positions, focusing on barre work and some intro to dancing center floor.
Start any time and come when you can offering you the flexibility you need during the summer!

Instructor: Taylor Williams

Date & Time Options: Tuesdays, 1:15pm to 2:15pm beginning July 2 - start any time and come when you can!

Cost: $5 to $25 per class. Purchase a package to bring the per-class rate down.

Pilates reformer workout for ages 11-16

This is NOT a workshop. Pilates, however is a great summer workout for ages 11-16.

To get started with Pilates we recommend any of our new client offers. Learn more about the machines and the Pilates method through on-on-one instruction. Start any time and schedule when it works for you. Find out more about how to get started at Ballet Austin's Pilates Center here.

A great workout class for dancers and non-dancers alike, Pilates reformer classes are offered to specifically target posture, alignment, core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.  Pilates on a regular basis will promote balanced muscle development. Come when you can but the more you come the better!
Pilates helps pre-teens and teens gain awareness of their body, improve their movement function and strengthen and tone muscles.

For those with previous Pilates reformer experience please call 512-501-8704.

Dance & Fitness Instructors

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