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With so much information out there about nutrition, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to believe when it comes to food!

Yet your food choices affect all areas of your health. Your health affects how you feel. How you feel is important for overall well-being.

Let’s start by thinking of food as fuel; fuel to power your body and your brain! It can boost your immune system and fight infection. Everybody is different, but each one of us can benefit from learning basic nutrition principles and following simple, actionable tips.

We are here to journey with you; to inform, inspire, and encourage you. We believe that if you eat well you will be well.

Eat well Quotes, Tips, Healthy Recipes, & Food Fact Videos

We’re all about the science when it comes to nutrition and hydration, so we will be sharing food facts and resources to keep you in the know. But we also love to encourage and inspire with quotes, practical tips, and more.

We love good food; food that is healthy but tastes great, and cooking that everyone can enjoy. Please share your favorites recipes with us and we will feature them! Email your recipe ideas to

Eat Well Quote

What exactly are you becoming?

Eat Well Tip

Slow down! You eat too fast!

Eat Well Featured Recipe

Roasted Veggie Pizza on Phyllo Crust – American Heart Association

Eat Well Featured Video

The “MyPlate, MyWins” video shows how small changes to what you eat and drink add up in a big way.

Eat Well Featured Video

Do you know what sugar does to your brain?

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