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Food is fuel; fuel to power your body and your brain. Healthy food will help you feel better, boost your immune system and fight infection.

With so much information out there about nutrition, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to believe when it comes to food!

Yet your food choices affect all areas of your health. Your health affects how you feel. How you feel is important for overall well-being. We follow the science when it comes to nutrition and hydration. From the science we will share food facts and helpful resources, and hope to encourage and inspire with quotes, practical tips, and more.

Let’s start by thinking of food as fuel; fuel to power your body and your brain! It can boost your immune system and fight infection. Everybody is different, but each one of us can benefit from learning basic nutrition principles and following simple, actionable tips.

We love good food and sharing healthy recipes; food and recipes that are healthy but taste great; cooking that everyone can enjoy. Please share your favorites recipes with us and we will feature them! Email your recipe ideas to


March ushers in the start of spring. Spring represents new beginnings; a season of rebirth and growth. It is the perfect time to start fresh. If you’ve been wanting to make a change in your life, do it now! Begin to move well, eat well, and live well. Make springtime you-time.

6 Tips to Create Healthy Eating Habits that Help You Feel Your Best

If you asked 10 people to define “healthy eating,” you’d receive 10 different answers. While many of those answers may contain some truth, navigating what healthy eating means for you takes time, intuition, and many times, a game plan. March is National Nutrition Month, a good time to get started!

Nutrition for Dancers

To perform optimally, dancers need a diet that is balanced among nutrients. This is true for most athletes. Whether you dance professionally or just for fun, how do you fuel your body?

The Benefits of Healthy Food for Kids

Are your kids hooked on junk food? Is it a battle to get your children to eat veggies and other healthy foods? Factor in peer pressure, commercials for junk food,  your own hectic schedule, and it’s no wonder many kids’ diets are built around convenience and takeout food. With these simple tips, help children to eat well without turning mealtimes into a battle zone.

Eat Well Quote

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – La Rochefoucald

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

March is National Nutrition Month, and we know we should eat healthy, but food is more expensive than ever. But good news! You can save on healthy food with a little know-how and a few simple strategies. Read this article for top tips for eating healthy on a budget.

Eat Well Tips

Top Tips to Eat Well in March!


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