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Food is fuel; fuel to power your body and your brain. Healthy food will help you feel better, boost your immune system and fight infection.

With so much information out there about nutrition, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to believe when it comes to food!

Yet your food choices affect all areas of your health. Your health affects how you feel. How you feel is important for overall well-being. We follow the science when it comes to nutrition and hydration. From the science we will share food facts and helpful resources, and hope to encourage and inspire with quotes, practical tips, and more.

Let’s start by thinking of food as fuel; fuel to power your body and your brain! It can boost your immune system and fight infection. Everybody is different, but each one of us can benefit from learning basic nutrition principles and following simple, actionable tips.

We love good food and sharing healthy recipes; food and recipes that are healthy but taste great; cooking that everyone can enjoy. Please share your favorites recipes with us and we will feature them! Email your recipe ideas to


December brings the holiday season, year-end celebrations, and plenty of busyness packed into a few weeks. It’s a wonderful, festive time, but it can also be a rollercoaster for our well-being. Put your well-being on your December “to-do” list and check it twice for a happy and healthy holiday season!

17 Delicious & Fun Holiday Snack Ideas

December is one of the best times of year for food lovers, so impress your friends and family this year by trying some of these fun holiday-themed snack ideas!

12 Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays

December – a time of year when food indulgence abounds. It can be easy to get so caught up in celebratory feasts and nostalgic treats that we lose track of regular, balanced meals and other healthy eating habits. Mindful eating can help you establish a healthier relationship with food.

DIY Gingerbread House!

Take some time for a fun family activity. It’s good for your well-being! Watch the video and be inspired to create your own gingerbread house and then click here for the recipe!

Eat Well Quote

May your holiday meals evoke memory, bring people together, and transport you to other places!

Strange and Wacky Holiday Food Facts

What do children eating candy canes, peacocks and fruitcake have in common? Read this to find out!

Eat Well Tips

Eat some of your holiday favorites, but don’t neglect healthy eating during the month of December.


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