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Now more than ever, we’re here for you!

Oren Porterfield

Ballet Austin is committed to remaining a source of joy, perspective, health and well-being, and empowerment to you and your family, despite the current challenges facing us all.

We are now connecting to you through our  BE WELL NETWORK, with new videos being added frequently from our dancers, teachers, and staff members, as well as ONLINE DANCE and FITNESS CLASSES for every member of the family, and other new and innovative ways to remain with you, until we can be together again in person.

Programs like PINK PILATES and ACTIVE AGING continue with a variety of workouts available both live and on-demand. Additionally, our young dance students—from our tiniest tots learning movement to our dedicated Academy students perfecting their craft—continue to meet and receive feedback and suggestions from their teachers through digital platforms.

We are grateful for the wonderful feedback you continue to send to our team, as it motivates us to be here for you, and we are grateful for the gifts that make it possible to keep these connections going.

Though Ballet Austin has a long history of fiscal prudence, nonprofit organizations like ours devote our funding directly to our mission. We further dedicate ourselves to raising the funds required to ensure that all people have the opportunity to participate in our programming. For a nonprofit organization like ours, civil emergencies like this current global crisis take us well beyond the cushion of a “rainy day fund.”

As part of our Ballet Austin community, you entrust your valued resources to us, and your gifts are dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission to produce work for our stage, to develop artists, and to make our performances, educational initiatives, and health and well-being programs financially accessible through philanthropic subsidy/support.

As we work to remain here for you, thank you for considering a gift, now more than ever.

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