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World Dance Classes

Ballet Austin celebrates diversity through dance every day!

Dance is universal, woven into every culture all over the world. It is a common language that unites us all on some level, and as we explore cultural dances, we discover a commonality between many cultures.

We believe that dance reinforces the idea that there is an essence of unity in all human beings, despite our cultural differences or diversities. Ballet Austin offers a variety of world dance classes that are authentic and fun!

West African Dance Class

Learn traditional West African dance in this fun, fast-paced class. It is a high-spirited, high-energy rhythmic dance experience for anyone who loves to dance. Or anyone who wants to give it a try! All are welcome.

Hawaiian (hula) Dance

Hawaiian Dance, is one of the most important cultural arts of Hawaii. The hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian Islands. Learn to tell a story with your hands and feet! Several levels offered from beginner to advanced hula.

Bollywood Cardio Dance Workout

Bollywood Dance is a dance-form used in Indian (Hindi) films, created by combining Bombay (Mumbai) and Hollywood. This high-energy, super-fun Bollywood-inspired dance fitness class will bring a smile to your face!

Dance is Universal

All dance is World Dance. Experience a variety of dance styles from ballet to hip hop, contemporary to tap, and more! Dance brings people together. Dance unites. Start any time and come when you can!

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