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Long Center Seating Advice


Ballet Austin’s performance home is the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Center for the Performing Arts. Our productions are staged in Michael & Susan Dell Hall, which for Ballet Austin performances can accommodate approximately 2,300 guests. You’ll enjoy great views throughout this concert hall, and the information below will help you identify the right seating section for you based on preference and price.

PRIVATE BOXES: The Long Center’s private boxes provide seats with additional legroom, but the boxes do not provide a complete view of the stage. Audience members seeking a full stage view should consider seats in the main seating areas (Orchestra, Parterre, Mezzanine, and Balcony).

Long Center Orchestra View (800x800)


The Orchestra provides the most intimate view of the stage and is perfect if you want to be close to the action! Only the back portion of the Orchestra’s seating area is stair-stepped, so if you prefer tiered seats at floor level, check out the Parterre.

Long Center Parterre View (800x800)


If you’re not a fan of heights and still want the stage at eye level, the Parterre is perfect for you! Graduated seating provides a clear view of the performance, and seats in this section are less expensive than in the Orchestra.

Long Center Mezzanine View (800x800)


If you don’t mind a little elevation and enjoy watching the many patterns dancers make on stage, the Mezzanine provides the best of both worlds. Stadium-style seating throughout this section makes it easy to see over any heads in front of you, and you’ll find affordable seat prices throughout.

Long Center Balcony View (800X800)


The Balcony is split into two sections–upper and lower–and if you are cost-conscious, you’ll find the most affordable seats here, which is why the Balcony is popular with families for productions like THE NUTCRACKER. If you aren’t comfortable with heights and are still looking for a good value, consider the sides of the Mezzanine or Parterre instead.

NOTE: The Balcony will not be open for Ballet Austin’s scheduled 2021 productions of HER STORIES or THERE IS NO OTHER.

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