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Online Dance Classes

On-Demand and Live-Streaming Dance, Fitness & Pilates Classes to Keep You Moving!

Community is everything to us! And we want to be everything for you.

Until we can be back in the studio with you, we are excited to bring you three ways to be active and be well VIRTUALLY! There are basically two terminologies that will help you to choose what classes are best for you.

  1. VIRTUAL LIVE STREAMING Classes really offer a sense of community through a two-way LIVE class experience offered virtually.
    • These classes are available through our MINDBODY platform. We offer several great workouts online through our LIVE STREAMING platform.
  2. ON DEMAND Virtual classes (pre-recorded videos) offers a comprehensive library of classes that you can access at any time you want to. ($7 or less per class). Take a class at any time that works for you from your laptop or desktop computer. Read below how to ACCESS OUR ONLINE ON-DEMAND CLASSES.
  3. Another virtual live streaming option is offered on our instructor Instagram and Facebook pages. CONNECT WITH US SOCIALLY to find the schedule posted daily for FREE Live Streaming classes and more fun: InstagramFacebookYouTubeTwitter – Take photos and video of you taking our classes and TAG US!
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