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Online Dance Classes

On-Demand and BA Live/ Dance, Fitness & Pilates Classes to Keep You Moving!

Community is everything to us! And we want to be everything for you.

We have reopened our on-site classes, but recognize that we are each in different situations in terms of our personal health, the health of those in our lives, and our comfort levels in returning to in-person classes.

Our goal is to keep you moving through options that allow you to choose the path that is right for you. Therefore, we will continue to offer remote classes.

There are two terminologies that will help you to choose what type of remote classes are best for you.

  1. BA Live/ Dance & Fitness classes offer a sense of community through a two-way LIVE class experience offered in real time.
    • Virtual, real-time classes on MINDBODY
    • Be sure to check the schedule and sign up online for a class!
  2. On-Demand/ Dance & Fitness (Library of recorded content)
    • A comprehensive library of of over 65 class videos that you can access at any time you want to.
  3. NEW! Virtual CREATE-A-CLASS! Find out more here.
CLICK HERE For BA Live/ Dance & Fitness
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