Our 2016/17 Season...

Don’t you love a good story? A tale so absorbing it consumes you completely? 

Whether inspired by great literature or every day life, our world is full of remarkable stories... Humble, heroic, incredibly human stories that stay with us because they make us think and help us grow. Some stories are fantastical, with mythical monsters, beautiful beasts, enchanted objects and lovers who overcome every obstacle to save the day. Other tales are drawn from simple, every-day journeys we define for ourselves, where the character and purpose we explore is our own.

Great stories spark imagination and evolution. Based on fact or fiction, they encourage us to take a look within and find meaning in experiences both universal and individual. Whether you're drawn to elaborate spectacles or intimate encounters, to long-time favorites or something you haven’t seen before, there are unforgettable stories waiting for you in our 2016/17 season. So find your seat and find YOUR story with Ballet Austin.

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